The Hollywood Fashion Secret for a Flat Belly and Glute Lift

27/05/2023 | by Martha Norton

Summary: The secret to how Hollywood actresses can look slim and toned without having to maintain it at the gym 24/7 is finally out, and not only that, there is now an actual affordable version that doesn’t have a fancy brand tag that quadruples the price. They are already being snapped up like hotcakes, and what we can say for certain is: You are going to look so, so much hotter in summer 2021!

Do you hate that sagging booty that just won’t go away no matter how many squats you do? Do you hate those “slimming” underwear that make you wish you were actually wearing one of those 18th century coarsest that don’t let you breathe? Do you like looking hot and curvy in your favorite cocktail dress? Well ladies, the solution is here, affordable pushup panties!

Picture it. You put on your dress for the date. You’ve had it for years and it always fit perfectly. You check yourself out in the mirror. And then you see it.

Now let’s fair. Lockdown weight doesn’t count! But we do still have to deal with that little side-effect of all that time sitting idle. And this is where this new clothing wizardry comes in.

Imagine panties that are simultaneously: comfortable, breathable, don’t pinch or constrict, leave no mark and yet make you look a couple of sizes thinner. Pure fantasy right? It sounds like magic. It can’t exist. Well actually…

What is it?

They call them the Magic Pants, and that’s exactly what they are: magic. They are state of the art and are so incredible that they have been going viral on social media and gaining the fan nickname of “Magic Panties”.

The pinnacle of clothing technology, and it’s finally available without the brand logo that usually makes these almost completely unaffordable. The best and most breathable of fabrics that can fit and slim any figure without pain or hassle. It truly is a marvel.

Honestly, the Magic Pants could not have arrived at a better time. They are the heroes we need this summer, slimming us and giving us the confidence boost we need to finally return to normal. And also just, you know, make us look hot. It’s the little things.

What Makes Magic Pants So Special?

Now you might think that making slimming panties is easy work. It’s not. It requires a whole lot of science and engineering. The fabric and design need to be comfortable and stretchy to fit different sizes, but strong enough to prop up your glutes and flatten your stomach, all the while without being too strong as to squeeze and pressure you. So yeah, not as easy as it seems.

In fact, the exact way that made the original Hollywood brand version work, was a closely guarded secret patent. But here’s another secret: patents expire.

The makers of Magic Pants did not skip a heartbeat. They knew there was a massive market for these, if only that very expensive brand tag could be removed. And they did just that.

But they didn’t just want to make some cheap knock off, they wanted the same quality, and boy did they deliver. The Magic Pants have it all:

Slimming design that gently hides away any excess tummy you might be worried about

Padded back that also pulls your glutes up to create the look of a perfect round butt

Hugs your body perfectly to prevent any panty lines with tight clothes

They are so comfortable you won’t want to take them off

Top shelf material and design for a piece of clothing that will serve you loyally for many years to come.

These pushup panties really are pure magic. They are so comfortable, make you look so hot, it’s easy to see why they are being called the magic panties all over social media.

Now I bet you’re thinking, well yeah, brands cost more but not that much more right? You’d be surprised. There have been reports that some items of clothing end up having a 400% profit margin! And now listen to this: the Magic Pants regularly cost a mere € 59.9 , that’s practically nothing and yet somehow it doesn’t stop there! The global launch of this affordable piece is coming with an absolutely massive 50% discount and free international shipping! (You can now get yours for just € 29) Just to stick it to the brands even harder!

The Magic Pants are an object of fairy tales. They shouldn’t be able to exist but they do, and the fashion world will never look the same again. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m about to clock off work to and put on the sample pair they gave us to show off my amazing new round posterior and flat stomach to my date tonight. Also the sale. Don’t forget about it.  Go get yourself a pair of Magic Pants and you will not regret it.


But Don’t Just Take Our Word for It! These Girls Loved the Magic Pants:

“I was so skeptical about these. I bought another “budget” pair like these from some other company and it was so bad. I could barely breathe let alone walk around in them. This was supposed to be my last attempt, and in all honesty… It was. Because I am not buying anything but these magic panties from now on!”

“These panties really are magical! I don’t know what voodoo they put into the fabric but that bit of lockdown chub I had gained turns completely invisible, and I have the most perfect of bubble butts now! 10/10 will buy again.”

“High quality comfortable material that easily stretches and props your glutes up without feeling like it’s squeezing you dry. It’s more like someone is gently pushing up your buttocks. Arrived quickly and in good order. Very recommended. ”


Conclusion: Should you get the Magic Pants?

You still need convincing after all that?! Did you just skip over to this part?! Yes darn it. 100%. Go Get yours. Looks amazing, amazingly comfortable, and so, so very affordable. No need to pay extortion fees to some made up brand to look good in your clothes again. Seriously I don’t understand why we’re still having this conversation. Go get Magic Pants before the sale ends!


  • Comfortable and Breathable
  • Gently Hides Away Any Excess Tummy
  • Glutes Pushup Effect
  • Prevents Panty Lines With Tight Clothes
  • Made of Highly Resistant and Durable Material


  • High Demand, but Extremely Limited Supply


How Do I Get the Magic Pants?

Now that you know these panties mean you never have to feel insecure in tight clothes ever again, you must be itching to get yourself a pair, so here’re the simple steps:

  1. We recommend ordering original Magic Pants from the official site here.
  2. Slide them on and walk tall and proud once more! Oh and comfortable, so very comfortable.

: Now with 50% off and with free shipping for a limited time!

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